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Leo Boucher

Laser Class
United States

I do have two long-term goals. I would like to try an Olympic campaign and I would like to work at increasement increasement increasement increase increasing diversity in sailing. The more I sail, and the more I sail in different locations the more I notice thatthere are not very many sailors or color. I think I want to Become a sailor so great that, regard less of how close I can come to the Olympics, I will be editable to motivate and coach other African American kids like me. I do not know any black or sailing rolemodels. If I work really hard That might be me someday.



Hi my name is Leo Boucher. I am a 16 and a sophomore at South River High School near Annapolis, Maryland. I started sailing with my dad when i was about 7. He has this old creaky wooden sailboat That We Sailed on the Chesapeake Bay. I started sailing Optis at the West River Sailing Club.  

Currently I am a Laser Radial sailor. I sail all over the country. In December I won the Orange Bowl Regatta in Miami. That was great. The sailing was exciting and the competition was tough. Currently I am training with Clay Johnson and Kyle Rogachenko in New Jersey and with the Olympic Development Program associated with US Sailing.

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